Career Development

Set some long term goals with us! We are focused on nurturing the career development of our team members by providing ample training and leadership opportunities.

We specialize in the telecommunication industry by teaming up with companies to help expand their area of influence. We are the best at one-on-one interactions—a smile, personality, and detailed knowledge are always a great first impression.

Brand Ambassador

No cubicles here. Oh, and no sales experience? No problem. In our people based business, what really matters is having a strong, positive personality. Brand Ambassadors are the face of our clients. They conduct presentations to our customer base, help develop company protocols, and participate in meetings and drills. At the end of the day, Brand Ambassadors work hard to exceed daily goals. They also get rewarded with new opportunities to learn and grow their career. This Entry Level position is the stepping stone to a leadership and management opportunity within our company.

Full Time & Part Time Internships

Don't expect to be making coffee all day. Our interns get the same experience and responsibilities as our full time team members. Having the same responsibilities means getting the same perks. Yes, that includes pay.

Mentorship & Leadership Development

Our team members learn the skills needed to become effective leaders through in-office training and formal conferences. Our leaders and mentors offer valuable and frank insights on their personal and professional experiences within our company. They provide performance feedback and advice on career plans. At the end of the day, they are someone you can vent to or celebrate an accomplishment with.

Management Opportunities

We hear a few other companies provide the same. The difference? Start with our name! LTG is an acronym for "Long Term Goal". We live up to our name by providing management training to every team member. We pride ourselves on focusing not only on their professional development, but their personal development as well. Our training model includes a clear career path. Every team member receives a mentor, recognition for achieving goals and milestones, and opportunities to cross train within different departments. The small size of our firm ensures that every team member is an integral part of our daily operations. Forget about favorites. Forget about seniority. We base our internal promotions on performance. The best part? Our clients love us for it!

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